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Why is Proper Calibration Vital to Your Business?

There are many reasons why measuring devices lose accuracy over time. One of the most common is just simple wear and tear. However, the reason they lose accuracy is not as important as the need to have these items calibrated from time to time, to ensure that they are giving accurate readings. Calibration is carried out by companies who specialize in this process. There are many who offer onsite calibration to make things easier for clients. If it's been a while since your devices have been calibrated, it's time to begin the search for 'calibration companies near me'. Read on to learn why proper calibration is vital to your business.

Reduces Costly Errors

If your business involves manufacturing, a batch of items where the calibration is off is a waste of money. Yet, money is not the only thing to suffer when your calibration is off.

  • Consider the cost of an entire batch, or even multiple batches that are not correct due to the calibration.

  • Time is wasted.

  • Materials are wasted.

  • You fall behind on product delivery.

  • When delivery falls behind, clients are unhappy, and your reputation suffers.

Health and Safety

If your inventory includes products for consumption, or medications that must be kept refrigerated or frozen, improper calibration could result in illness, or spoiled products. Not taking calibration seriously in this type of situation can have dire consequences. Even if no one was to become ill, a product recall can be devastating to a company. Customers can quickly lose confidence in your company, sales will slump, and your bottom line can be negatively impacted.

When to Calibrate

It's a good idea to get calibration checked regularly. Many businesses choose a set schedule that works for them. For some that may be once a money, while others may choose to have it done quarterly. Still, there are those who may go an entire year between calibrations. Discuss a schedule with your calibration company and stick to it. The cost of not sticking to it, can be far more than the cost of having it done.

Don't risk your reputation, the health of your clients or your bottom line. Have your devices calibrated regularly. You have nothing to lose, but you have much to gain, including the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your machinery is calibrated correctly.

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