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Reasons Why Is Calibration Important?

If you don't think that regular visits to or from the calibration lab OC is important, you're about to learn a valuable lesson. Whether you're in the medical field, or you are a data tech worker or a manufacturer, calibration is essential. Proper scale calibration and other instrument calibration is the only way to get true and accurate measurements. When you bring an item in or have a technician come out to calibrate it, its accuracy is measured against a true measurement. Your item is then adjusted so that it is reading accurately as well.

Your instruments were accurate when you bought them

You may feel that since the items that you bought were accurate when you bought them, they should still be accurate. This is never the case.

  • Every instrument of measurement loses accuracy. There is no question about it; you do have to have these items calibrated. Things change over time.

  • Hard bangs or drops could cause a loss of accuracy.

  • Temperature can also impact the accuracy of the instrument.

Trust but verify

As a business person, your reputation is important to you. Your reputation can suffer a serious hit if a client finds out that your information wasn't accurate. It matters to clients. If you are manufacturing a product, those who buy the product want to know that the measurements on the box are correct. If your machine’s calibration is off, the measurements will be off. That does not make your company look good.

Manufacturers know best

In order to find out how often your individual piece of equipment should be calibrated, consult your owner's manual. For some, this may mean yearly calibration checks, for others, it may be quarterly, while some crucial pieces of equipment require monthly calibrations. It's also a good idea to have your instruments calibrated before taking on a major project where accuracy is vital. Instruments should also be calibrated if they are dropped.

While it may be tempting to neglect having your instruments calibrated, it's never wise to do so. You have others counting on you. They are counting on you providing true and accurate data. If you aren't able to do that, you could throw their entire business out of whack. You could also do irreparable harm to your own business. Once you lose the trust of your clients, it's very hard to get that trust back. In some cases, you're never able to earn it back.

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