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Maintaining Standards: The Importance of Calibration Services

If your job or tasks make use of measuring tools, you will probably need a calibration company or lab. Calibration is used to measure the device's accuracy and output. For measuring tools which have high accuracy, you likely need the services of calibration companies Orange County or more specifically a Los Angeles calibration lab.

What is calibration?

Calibration companies in Orange County use an electronic device to perform the calibration. The experts will test the measuring instrument to identify its margin of error. Once the margin of error is found, the experts at the Los Angeles calibration lab you are working with proceed to reset the instrument to the manufacturer’s specifications. Companies that rely on their measuring instrument’s accuracy must make sure the devices are operating at the accuracy it was intended.

For instance, businesses that rely on accurate temperature settings, airbags and light sensors, temperature gauges, and fire and navigation instruments rely on instrument accuracy to perform their functions properly. Continuing to use faulty instruments could adversely affect their business. Thus, regular maintenance of instruments is essential for any business using devices to measure.

If you want to calibrate the accuracy of the measuring instruments you are using, the first step is to establish an acceptable standard for comparison. Calibration verifies the accuracy of the instruments you are using, their traceability to the established standard, and alerts you when the instrument is off and needs recalibration to correct and update. If the instruments need to be recalibrated, the researcher doing the recalibration will provide a report showing the accuracy of the instruments before and after recalibration.

Beginning instrument calibration

Once a system of weights and measures and an established standard had been set, companies needed an effective means of determining if their instruments were performing accurately and if not to get them adjusted to do so. People began using standardized measurements in the late tenth century.

It was exclusively used as standardization of weights and accurate measurements until it began to also be used as a means of gun calibration during the Civil War. Gun makers started to use it as a means of determining barrel and bullet sizes.

When an accurate measure of equipment is required, calibration can provide the ultimate comparison for new, modified, or repaired instruments in purpose, scope, and frequency. There is always the need for a standard that can provide a consistent comparison of the calibration. Whether this standard is national or international, measurements must be traceable to established standard laboratories.

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