Calibration Lab OC & Calibration Company LA

Does your business rely on meters or gauges? Do you need to find a calibration lab OC that can make sure all of the instruments you use are in compliance? If this sounds familiar to you, then we are the company for you. Precision Instrument Correction, Inc. has been offering exact and reliable calibration services to our clients since 1982. During that time, we’ve risen to the top as the most trusted calibration company LA. If you rely on precise calibrations, then you need to contact us.

Here at Precision Instrument Correction, Inc., we provide fast and dependable calibration services and repairs. When you choose our in-house option, we will come pick up your instruments, fix them, and deliver them back to you. Customers with many instruments prefer our on-site service. No matter which you choose, you can rest assured you’ll get the best service around. We value all of our customers.

We know how to calibrate any instrument you bring to us. That’s why Precision Instrument Correction, Inc. is such a highly acclaimed calibration company LA. Our customers know we will provide them with guaranteed, exact service. With so many years in the industry, there’s nothing we can’t calibrate. We hire the most skilled calibration technicians, and we have the most hands-on experience out of any company in the business.

Simply put, the most professional and skilled calibration lab OC is Precision Instrument Correction, Inc. Our Brea, CA company has a long list of satisfied clients, and we look forward to working for you soon.


If you want to know what makes us stand out from the crowd, then read about the history of our company at With many decades of experience, you know you’re making a wise choice by using our calibration services. No matter if you need one item calibrated or you have several, we’ll get the job finished as soon as possible. Call soon if you would like to speak directly with a calibration expert.

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