Calibration & Calibration Services

Do you own a business that requires properly calibrated instruments in order to operate? Are you in need of a company that can provide you with service for these instruments? If you answered yes to these questions, then we are here to be of assistance to you. Precision Instrument Correction, Inc. is proud to offer specialized calibration services to companies like your own. We’re based out of Brea, CA, and our clients appreciated our attention to detail and solid track record. If you need to schedule a service with us, our team will get to work for you right away.

When you come to Precision Instrument Correction, Inc., you’ll quickly see why we’re the right company for all of your instrument calibration needs. We have been working in the industry since 1982, giving our team all of the skill and experience needed to provide you with top-notch service at all times. We will make sure your order is completed on time, within a one-week timeframe.

Our calibration services are highly sought after. At Precision Instrument Correction, Inc., we provide our customers with choice. You can either choose to hire us to complete a large job at your location, or you can bring your instruments to our in-house shop. We always offer free pick-up and delivery, so there is no reason to put off getting service any longer.

Here at Precision Instrument Correction, Inc., we’ve built a solid reputation for being one of the most dependable calibration companies in all of Brea, CA. We’re dedicated to every customer we serve.


Be sure to visit to see how our services are a good fit for your company. It’s our mission to build a lasting relationship with every client we serve. Our commitment to fast delivery and high quality has made us the most sought after company in the business. Bring your instruments to us, and you can rest assured they’re in good hands. Contact us today to find out even more about our helpful services.

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