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We offer onsite calibration solutions, to a wide range of businesses in the Brea area. We pride ourselves on our pinpoint accuracy, our exceptional standards of customer service, and our ability to deliver results time and time again. 

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If work with specialized instruments, you know important it is to keep them properly calibrated. This isn’t something you should do on your own, however. You need to work with a company that knows how to calibrate anything you bring in. Precision Instrument Correction, Inc. is proud to offer top-notch calibration services to all of our clients in Brea, CA. If you just searched online for ‘calibration companies near me,’ then you have found the right company for your needs. We are serious about what we do, no one can surpass the high-quality work we provide.

It’s never been easier to get your instruments calibrated. Precision Instrument Correction, Inc. offers both in-house and onsite calibration. Large companies often choose our onsite option because we will come directly to you. There’s no need to worry about moving your equipment. This service is available on all of our large orders. If you need to use our in-house services, you can schedule pickup and delivery with us. We’re proud to offer this service free of charge to all of our customers.

Many companies put off in-house and onsite calibration because they think it will take too long. At Precision Instrument Correction, Inc., we are known for our one-week turnaround. Our service technicians will do everything possible to complete your calibration project is a week or less. No other company in the industry even offers this. Even though we work fast, we provide top-notch service. When your instrument has been calibrated by our team, you know it’s of the highest quality. We stand behind our work!

Stop scouring the internet for ‘calibration companies near me’ and instead get in touch with Precision Instrument Correction, Inc. Since 1982, we’ve been providing reliable calibration services in the Brea, CA area. It doesn’t matter what you bring in, we will go the extra mile to properly calibrate it. Call us if you’re hoping to find out even more.

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